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Tried and Tested| YouTube Home Workouts For People Who Hate Working Out

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I envy people who enjoy keeping fit. When someone asks me what superpower I’d pick if I was given the chance, my answer is always ‘the ability to watch others exercise and have my body absorb the benefits.’

Before lockdown, I would occasionally guilt trip myself into going to the gym. Most days, however, I’d favour a nap over cardio and squats were only a thing when I needed ice-cream from the bottom drawer of the freezer. Nevertheless, Miss Rona decided to show up unannounced and now most of us have got nothing better to do. So, a few weeks ago I told myself I’d try get a little fitter. (Note the emphasis on try.) All I needed to do was figure out a way of exercising where I wasn’t reminded of how much I hate exercising. That’s where I took to YouTube. There are THOUSANDS of workout videos to choose from, it’s just a case of figuring out what works for you. Already, I’m starting to notice a real improvement in my fitness level. Working out from home is also much more enjoyable than I first imagined. At home, I can exercise whenever I want, wearing what I want, doing what I want. (Yep, sometimes that includes planks with the doggos.)

Anyway, here are my top three YouTube home workout recommendations to get you through the rest of lockdown. (No equipment needed.)

Coming in at number three: It’s everyone’s favourite PE teacher, Mr Joe Wicks. AKA, 'The Body Coach TV'-

Photo: Joe Wicks

The best thing about Joe Wicks is that he’s just so likeable. For me, picking the right workout video is largely based on how annoying I find the instructor. I think even if he really tried, Joe Wicks could never irritate me. The man has been nothing but a legend over lockdown, providing kids across the world with PE classes and donating all the money he earned from those videos to the NHS. He deserves nothing but our support. He also has great hair and the cutest little baby I’ve ever seen. What’s not to like?

His channel is accommodating for all age ranges and abilities, depending on what workouts you choose. I enjoy the home HIIT workouts, which are great for interval training- developing your strength, speed and muscular endurance. Each workout is structured in reps and sets, usually 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest. Believe me, when it comes to those 30 second rests, you need them! Even the PE lessons leave me exhausted. I have no idea how the kids complete it, not when I’m left struggling for air and unable to walk for the entirety of the following the day. Although, the plus side of this is I feel like I’ve achieved something when I finish. Good ol’ captain serotonin kicks in and I'm ready to kick the day's booty.

Perhaps my favourite thing about Joe’s workout is that he makes it, dare I say it, fun? No two videos are the same as he’s constantly adding new exercises and switching up the old ones. It’s very easy to get caught in a workout rut. You end up doing the same boring routine purely because it gives you results. I’m all for keeping it fresh, trying new things and experimenting with what works best for your body. Mr Wicks definitely helps provide this.

At number two: A Youtube star from Melbourne, It's 'Chloe Ting'-

Photo: Chloe Ting

Chloe’s free workout program is incredibly popular on YouTube. With over 9 million subscribers her videos regularly rack up the views. Rightly so, they’re amazing! If you’re wanting to get a little more toned, then I highly recommend her workouts. What I really enjoy about her channel is that she creates challenges for you to complete- #ChloeTingChallenge. Her most viewed workout is the 'Get Abs in Two Weeks' challenge which I have just started and may do a separate blog post on. I've also been doing her 'Two Week Shred' challenge, which claims to not only get you toned but also helps to lose weight- if that's something you want. To be honest, my goal isn't about losing weight, it's just about getting fitter, stronger and more healthy. Either way, Chloe's videos definitely help.

The best thing about her workouts are that they're short but intense. Some days I can't be bothered to do a full blown half an hour cardio workout. (Who am I kidding, this happens quite often.) When I'm in this mood, Chloe's quick workouts help get me through. I still feel like i've achieved something and can go about my day.

What's most encouraging is Chloe's loyal fanbase who constantly send her their result videos and pictures. What some people have achieved from doing these challenges is INSANE! I'm excited to see if I can do the same!

Finally, my top choice: A dance cardio mashup, introducing 'Plyojam'-

Photo: Plyojam

I love this channel so much! If you enjoy dancing, then this is definitely a workout you should try at home. Plyojam is basically a mixture of dance, cardio and plyometric training. It’s high intensity exercise with explosive movements and a lot of jumping- all which helps to develop your strength and muscle power. What makes it so enjoyable is that it doesn’t really feel like you’re working out. Instead you’re having a lil dance party in your living room (or if you want to, you can pretend you're in the club with your pals!) The 30-minute-long videos give you dozens of easy to follow hip-hop routines that are fun, sexy and burn calories like mad. I think this is probably the only workout I’ll ever do with a smile on my face!

Unfortunately, to access all their videos you have to be a paying member. However, I’ve just been using the selection of free classes they offer on their channel and I’m yet to get bored! (You can also find some of their videos on 'POPSUGAR Fitness', under the dance section. This is another great channel to use if you're enjoying dance/cardio workouts.)

The fantastic thing about Plyojam is that they accommodate for all abilities, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out. In every video there are at least three instructors who demonstrate the routines at different capacities. This means you can easily switch between the modified version and the pro, depending on how you feel. I once even got Harry, my boyfriend, involved in this workout (and he's a terrible dancer) but enjoyed it all the same!

So, you ready to workout? Let me know what you think! Also if anyone has any more home workout recommendations feel free to comment! I'd love to try them out x

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