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Tried and Tested: 6 Lockdown Date Night Ideas

From solving a murder mystery to creating your own restaurant, these fun stay-at-home date ideas can help any couple get through lockdown!

As we begin our seventh week of the third UK national lockdown, life's 'new normal' has really started to set in. Each day that passes feels the same and often it's hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. That's why it's more important than ever to give yourself something to look forward to!

Whether you're single and trying out 'zoom dating' or you live with your partner, planning fun lockdown dates is a great place to start! Over the past couple of weeks my boyfriend, Harry, and I have tried and tested some stay-at-home date night ideas that have not only lifted our spirits but also brought us closer together (cheesy, I know.) As today is Valentine's Day and we're all celebrating love, I can't think of a better day to share with you my favourite lockdown date ideas.

1) Solve a Murder Mystery

Believe it or not, you can actually host a murder mystery night for two! One of my favourite dates that we've been on so far, dressing up as our characters and working together to discover 'whodunnit' was hilarious! There are lots of places you can buy and download ready-made mysteries for two. We chose 'The Emergency Room' Murder Mystery Pack from the 'Murder Mystery Store' on Etsy. For £12 the pack included our character sheets, scorecards, evidence and of course the answers! Ideal for couples on Zoom and in-person, the mystery took us about an hour and a half to solve (maybe we would've been faster without all the prosecco!)

2) Make Cocktails and Sing Karaoke

When I moved into my apartment in August, one of the very first things I added to my living room was a mini bar! Luckily, this came very much in handy during our cocktail and karaoke date night! Easily accomplished by following a couple of cocktail recipes, we made Moscow Mule's, Rasberry Daiquiri's and a very Yorkshire version of the famous cocktail 'Sex On't Beach'. After a couple of these, we were feeling brave enough to sing our hearts out on our makeshift karaoke mic (the TV remote.) I'd add video footage of this below but I don't want to spoil anyone's Sunday.

3) Relax at the Spa

Ideal after a stressful week at work, creating your own in-house spa experience can be a really fun, inexpensive date. We're talking manicures, pedicures, even a bubble bath (if you have one!) Easy to set up, we bought a bunch of facemasks from the supermarket, drinks/snacks and candles and relaxed all evening.

4) Create a Restaurant Experience

Whilst the restaurants are closed, why not create your own? All you need is the kitchen/ dining room to yourselves, a bunch of candles and of course your dinner. If you don't feel like cooking, it's always great to support a local business with a takeaway, I, however, was treated to a three-course meal by Chef Harry. For starters, we had garlic bread, our main was a seafood pasta dish and for dessert, we ate cheesecake (which felt extra good after weeks of eating miserable diet food.) To make it extra special, we got dressed up in some of our nicest clothes and had a little photo shoot. It really felt as if we'd gone out for the evening!

5) Spend a Night at the (Home) Cinema

Another inexpensive but cute date night! All you need is some cinema snacks and to be able to agree on a film (if you're anything like us, this task can be incredibly challenging.) To make this more special than just your average evening in front of the TV, you can make it a themed movie night, for example, your favourite childhood film. We chose a couple of Disney movies and, in keeping with the theme, our favourite drinks and sweets from when we were younger. (Jelly Tots, Maoams, Bonbons, Flying Saucers, that kind of vibe! Don't forget the popcorn too!)

6) Go Indoor Camping & Eat Smores

We chose this date for an early Valentine's day celebration and it couldn't have been more special. Although it takes a little time and effort to set up, it's completely worth it! All you need is a tent (we bought a cheap £10 beach tent from Argos) and lots of cosy pillows/blankets. If it's a special occasion and you want to go all out, add a bunch of fairy lights and candles. We then cooked a three-course camp-themed meal, including smores! (As we couldn't have a campfire, I purchased a Smore kit online that came with a gel burner.) After dinner, we snuggled up under the stars (provided by a projector) and watched a cute rom-com.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that there's no connection between how much money you spend on the date and how good the date will be. You can create all of these dates on a budget (as we have done) and still have lots of fun! The best part is that you're spending quality time with someone you love. Have fun with these! Hopefully, soon they won't be as needed and we can return to enjoying date nights out too.


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