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Oversized T-shirts: Tee Latest Wardrobe Must Have!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I don't know about anyone else, but in the height of lockdown all I wanted to do was whack on a baggy t-shirt and call it a day. To be honest, you can't go wrong with an over-sized tee. They're comfortable, stylish and easy to lounge around in. You can also get away without wearing a bra (which is a huge bonus in my book.) Most days I looked as if I'd just got out of bed, usually because this was the case, and I couldn't have cared less. It's been lovely to let go of myself a little bit and enjoy being more 'low maintenance'.

Even as I returned to work and was able to get out of the house again, I still craved a comfy-cool aesthetic. All I needed was a few new tees and a way of styling them that looked less 'ready for bed' and more 'bout to get this bread!' So, I headed straight to my happy place, and various other online clothes retailers and did what I do best, spend money. Below are my favourite over-sized t-shirts and what I've been styling them with.

Look One: The 'Antisocial Butterfly'

White Blue Butterfly Oversized T-shirt (£8.00 from I Saw It First)

Blue Pocket Knitted Maxi Cardigan (£30.00 from I Saw It First)

Black High Waisted Ripped Skinny Jeans (£25.00 from New Look)

Blue Twist Knot Headband (£3.00 from Primark)

Baby blue is my all time favourite colour, so when it came to styling this oversized tee, I went all in. The maxi cardigan is (unfortunately) a British summer staple and is perfect for a laid-back vibe. Partnered with some casual ripped jeans and a cute lil headband (I'm a sucker for a headband) I feel like a queen bee- I mean butterfly! I also decided to tie my shirt in the middle just because I think it looks more flattering that way. Tucking the shirt into your trousers also works well.

Look Two: The '90's bambino'

White 90's Baby oversized T-shirt (£8.00 from I Saw It First)

Pink Colour Block Wind Breaker (£30.00 from I Saw It First)

Black Slim Mom Jeans (£20.00 from ASOS)

Black Double Ring Belt (£3.00 from Primark)

Admittedly, this t-shirt will probably age horribly, but right now I'm proud to wear my '90's baby' slogan tee. Without a doubt our childhood's were the best. Even as I'm writing this, I'm filled with the nostalgia of waking up early to watch Saturday morning cartoons, collecting beanie babies and 'playing out' on the cul de sac. *Sniffs* Please can I go back?

Keeping within the 90's theme, I've paired this t-shirt with my block pink wind breaker (a summer/festival essential) and my favourite pair of mom jeans. Maybe I'll go all out and order some sparkly jelly shoes too.

Look Three: The 'Lei'd Back Beach'

White Hawaii Graphic T-shirt (£10.00 from I Saw IT First)

Black High Waisted Denim Shorts (£19.99 from New Look)

I chose this t-shirt mostly for my love of VW camper vans. It's also proof that not every 'Hawaiian shirt' has to be shite. (Although, who doesn't love a good shit shirt right?) I certainly have a sizeable collection.

What I have realised from this post is that I have an unhealthy obsession with pastel colours at the minute. They're just so pretty and look stunning in summer.

Normally I'd wear this tee with my oversized denim jacket and a pair of high waisted shorts. However, by this point in my walk/photoshoot along High Bradfield (one of the most beautiful spots in South Yorkshire) I was pretty sweaty. Again, I've tied a knot in the tee to give it a neater finish.

There we have it. My latest spending spree. I wonder what the next online shopping haul will bring? In fact, today is pay day so it probably won't be long till we find out! Let me know what you would like to see in my next fashion post. In the meantime please check out the rest of my blog!

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