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Moving Into My Apartment| Tips For Decorating Your First Place




Welcome to my humble abode!

Are the three words I’ve been repeating over and over in my head this past month. It really is a surreal feeling moving into your very first place. Every time I walk through the front door of my apartment, I still can’t believe it belongs to me. It’s a crazy thing to say, “welcome to MY place” but that’s exactly what it is! And over the past month I’ve been trying my best to make it feel like that.

In my opinion, decorating your first apartment, home, flat (whatever it may be) is probably one of the most fun things you can do. This comes from a girl who has dedicated far too many hours of her life designing and decorating tiny homes on The Sims. (No regrets!) However, what I hadn’t prepared for was just how expensive homeware and décor could be! I realised pretty early on that I would need to set myself monthly budgets and try not to go overboard. I’m not going to lie; I’ve found this pretty hard. I wanted everything to be perfect as soon as I moved in which (unless you’ve got a whole lot of dollar) is very unrealistic.

If, like me, you’re struggling with this or you just fancy some home inspiration then read on!

1) Take it slow

This is my number one tip when decorating your first place. When I first started, I had literally hundreds of ideas and dozens of mood boards on Pinterest to follow. I was so excited I wanted to order it all straightaway. As I mentioned earlier, this was totally unrealistic budget wise. Although this was disappointing and difficult to accept at first, it has actually really worked in my favour.

I’ve learnt that building a home you’ll love takes time. Therefore you shouldn’t rush into buying things just because they look good on Pinterest. Doing it little by little ensures that everything you buy you love 100%. You shouldn’t be buying things you feel ‘meh’ about just because you want to fill a space straightaway.

I’ve found that it’s easier and more budget friendly to work on one space at a time. I started with my living room, as I knew that's where I’d be spending most of my time! I decided to go with a cosy boho style & a lil bit of vintage chucked in there. (I’ve still got work to do but I hope you can see my vision.)

Staircase Bookshelf: Amazon. Lanterns: Debenhams. Candles: Primark. Plant Pots & Photo Frames: TK Maxx.

2) You do you boo

Put things in your home that make you happy! It doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t exactly fit the theme/ style of the room. If it’s something you love, then it fits! For example, I was once told fairy lights are for students. Maybe they are? But they make me super happy so of course I’m hanging them all over my bedroom wall.

Fairy Lights: Amazon. Bedding & Cushions: Dunelm.

. 3) You can never have enough plants

I love plants! My little apartment doesn't have a garden/ outdoor space so I felt it was important to incorporate as much greenery as possible into my living room. I've already managed to collect quite a few low maintenance houseplants and they just seem to transform the space. I'm trying my best to be a good plant mum but just incase I fail, I have purchased a couple of realistic looking artificial plants too.

Basket: TK Maxx. Plant: Debenhams. Lantern: Wilkos. Diffuser: Primark.

4) Trust the process

Sometimes things might not look the way you first imagined them and that's okay. Have faith and Trust. The. Process. A lot of my ideas didn't look as if they'd work out but I'm so glad I stuck with them.

I hope these tips were helpful! Next month I want to focus on hanging some wall art. I haven't got anything up at the minute and it looks so bare! I can't wait to start buying some pretty prints and colourful frames. If anyone has any recommendations on where to buy these things, please let me know!

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