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EXPOSED| Rereading My Embarrassing Childhood Diary From 2010

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Earlier this week whilst clearing out some things from my parents’ house, I came across my old diary. As I flicked through the pages, dating back to 2010, I couldn't help but laugh. The pink notebook, decorated with polka dot kittens, is filled with all the hardships of a year 7 and my deepest ‘darkest’ secrets- secrets I would never tell an adult. Although I’m incredibly embarrassed to share my 12 year old thoughts with you, I feel everyone needs a good giggle.

12 Year old Me

Of course, I don’t really remember writing the diary but I know I definitely fancied myself as the star of some sort of teen drama TV show. And so, 10 years later, for your entertainment I feel I have to type up and share some of my genuine entries with you guys (spelling mistakes included.)

*Pseudonyms have been given to anyone mentioned. (Most of them are boys I fancied so, to be honest, it’s a compliment.)

God I’m already so embarrassed.

(Please don’t judge me.)

I'm really glad 2010 me had her priorities straight. YOU'RE 12 YOU DON'T NEED A BOYFRIEND! I can also confirm right now that I never stopped sneaking sweets from the cupboard and never will. As for getting off the computer and exercising more...yeah I failed at that one too. (I hope I wasn't the only one who was addicted to playing Habbo Hotel when they were younger? What a game.) Plus I don't really know what my beef was with 'evil Miss Hills'. Having now worked in a school, I feel nothing but sympathy for her.

This is still Tuesday the 18th by the way and wow what a rough day this was. It's nice to see that from an early age I knew my self worth, 'it's his loss'. God I was sassy. I also still stand by the fact that 'boys are stupid when it comes to love'. I was wise beyond my years.

Poor 'James Carter'. You were probably only trying to help. If you're reading this and you somehow figure out that this is you, then I'm sorry. I was a little cow and your bouncy castle party was one of the best parties I've ever been to. Besides, I probably should have focused more in History.

First of all, RIP to my little cat Holly who (can I add) never had rabies. Secondly, I particularly love this entry because I have such great memories of 'playing out' on the road with all my neighbours. Water fights were the best! We took them to the next level on my road. Forget your water bombs and guns, we brought power washers! Looking back this probably wasn't the safest choice of weapons but we all made it through to adulthood, limbs still intact. (Actually I'm not so sure about 'ugly evil Joe', his family moved not long after this was written and we never heard from them again.) Aside from this, I'd like to apologise to my sister, Rosie, for being such a brat. I'll take your friendship presents any day!

You are definitely not an adult Molly. Besides, why are you complaining? I'd kill for a 9:00 pm bedtime right now! Moreover, I don't blame my parents for wanting time away from three bratty kids. I don't know how you did it? Props to you Mum and Dad.

It seems I was also very paranoid about people reading my entries. Do you think 12 year old me would be mad at present me for sharing all of this with you guys? I do.

And last but not least. Because you guys deserve some answers.

What a journey. I'm so glad all the year 7 drama was resolved, even though there's a hell of a lot more to come in year 8. Wondering how my first ever date went? Don't worry. I recorded every detail. Another blog post maybe?

Why did I ever think that blue eyeshadow was a good look?

What was the deal with dressing up as Amy Winehouse?

I hope you enjoyed reading my diary with me. I'm so glad I kept hold of it and all of the other diaries I've kept over the years. Although I'm probably going to regret this blog post, it's been great fun writing it, reminiscing and cringing. (Mostly cringing.) I'm also very glad my life isn't anywhere near as dramatic as it was when I was 12.

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