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Pretty Little Prague | Where to go & What to see

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

From the minute I set foot in Prague, I fell in love with the place. Known as the 'City of a Hundred Spires', the views alone were breathtaking. There is also countless attractions to visit and fun things to do, some really fantastic food to try and the cheapest alcohol I've ever purchased. If Prague isn't already on your travel bucket list, then it definitely should be!

My trip to Prague, back in November, was for mine and my boyfriend's anniversary. We stayed for four days and three nights- which I would say is the perfect amount of time to see the best of the city. It seems that no matter what time of year you travel, spring right through to winter, Prague is still a great place to go. A few of my friends had visited the city whilst Interrailing in July and couldn't recommend it enough. I however, LOVE exploring cities in autumn. The yellowy, orange tinge that comes with the season just makes everything so much more dramatic and gorgeous. It's like walking around with an Instagram filter that never disappears. Everywhere you look, there's pretty golden leaves and the air is fresher and crisp. The world just seems to slow down a little and relax (plus theres fewer tourists and things tend to be cheaper!)

In fact, one of my favourite memories of Prague was sitting on the patio of a restaurant. We'd just spent the chilly morning exploring Old Town and were seated, all cosy, under the outdoor heaters and blankets. To warm ourselves up we ordered a hot bowl of goulash (served in bread.) It was sensational! When you go to Prague, even if its baking hot, you have to have the goulash. It is just mouthwateringly perfect and every restaurant we went to served it.

Another delicacy to try is Trdelnik/trdlo, a delicious cakey dessert in the shape of a cylinder, usually filled with fruit or ice-cream. There are hundreds of little shops that sell them, all dotted around Prague, with dozens of fillings to choose from. I picked strawberries and cream but the ice-cream and sprinkles also looked amazing!

Once they are checked off your to do list, I highly recommend visiting one of Prague's many view points. My favourite was the St Nicholas Church bell tower in Mala Strana, a less obvious choice as far as view points go. The tower itself is visually stunning and our tickets only cost 100 Czech Koruna. (£3.34) It was quite a steep trek to the top and, in places, the staircase got pretty narrow but the view once we were up there was worth all the sweat! In the entire half an hour we were there, we only met one other person! I don't know why the place wasn't busier! Throughout the climb there were several small rooms with displays to look around- an added bonus we weren't expecting. These rooms once belonged to the watchtower firemen, town criers and later the state security service for spying on western embassies. I found this really cool!

The View From The Tower

Something that you definitely cannot miss is the Charles Bridge, one of the most beautiful and famous bridges in Europe, if not the world. As you cross the 516 meter long pathway, not only are you surrounded by fantastic views, but the walls are also decorated with impressive statues and lights. Each sculpture appears to tell an individual story and, apparently, if you touch one it brings you good luck and promises a return to Prague (yay!) If that weren't enough to look at already, the bridge also brings lots of vendors, artists and musicians ready for tourists to enjoy. I had to walk up and down several times to really take it all in! Perhaps the best time to cross is at sunset. Here you can experience the picturesque scene of the city lit up against the dusk sky- very romantic.

Other must sees include the Old Town Square with the Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle and of course the Lennon Wall, which I found quite moving. The bright street art really makes for an excellent photo opportunity. To be honest, the whole of Old Town is just one giant photo op. If you have the extra time you can also check out New Town, built around Wenceslas square. As the name suggest, this district is far more modern than the historic architecture of Old Town, but still worth the visit if you fancy a shopping trip.

My favourite find from our time in Prague was 'Popocafepetl- Michalska', a student bar in old town. We stumbled upon it on our first night and quickly discovered it was one of the cheapest bars in Prague, ensuring our return several times afterwards. With double vodka Redbull priced at just 100 Czech Koruna, a Dj and a dance floor, we were having a whale of a time! (I'd like to add that these were 'Czech doubles' ranging between 80-100ml- which is the size of a British trebble or quad.) Once we'd consumed our weight in vodka and jager bombs, our swift 15 minute walk back to the hotel turned into an hour and a half stagger. The following morning, feeling a little worse for wear, we decided to perk ourselves up with a brunch from a nearby cafe. It was there that we discovered the price of beer was actually cheaper than bottled water. Having admitted it would be rude not try Czech beer, I figured 'hair of the dog' was the only cure for this hangover.

If you're up for a good laugh, or fancy a break from the heavier museums, then you should definitely visit the 'Sex Machines Museum'- it's quite an eye opener! The place was much bigger than I'd expected, with three floors full of sex machines throughout the ages. As you can imagine, some stuff looked as if it would be better placed in a torture chamber, but the whole experience was very entertaining and I guess...educational? Warning: In one of the exhibitions there is a rather traumatising teddy bear contraption that still haunts me to this day- this place is not for the faint hearted!

Something I really wish I'd done, but didn't have the funds for, was a horse drawn carriage or old classic car tour. There are loads of them zooming all over Prague. It must be such a fantastic way to see the city and is on the top of my to do list if I ever return. We were also unfortunate enough to miss the Christmas market opening by two days! Whilst we were there they were setting up rows upon rows of cute little wooden stalls as well as the most ginormous Christmas tree in the centre of the square. I would love to go back and see it lit up in all its glory! I could probably spend hours milling around all the stalls too. But hey, you can't have everything, right?

All in all our trip was one I'll never forget. Did I miss anything? Let me know about your adventures in Prague or what you are planning to do when you go x

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