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Celebrating Yorkshire Day| 20 Signs You're A True Yorkshire Lad/Lass

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

It's the 1st of August which means only one thing. Today is Yorkshire day! Nope, I haven't made this up. There is actually a day dedicated to celebrating Yorkshire and I love it! Each year on the 1st of August, Yorkshire folk get together and indulge in vast quantities of regional pride (and alcohol) but mostly pride. Originally, Yorkshire day was celebrated as a protest movement against government changes that saw parts of the county transferred over to Humberside and (god forbid) Lancashire. Now though, it's an excuse for a picnic and a pissup and gives us even more reason to brag about being from Yorkshire. Even Morrison's are joining in with the festivities, offering a 'Yorkshire Day Food Box' filled with the finest goodies and most loved products from Yorkshire. All together the box would make an excellent lunch/afternoon tea, so if you want to celebrate in style, I'd recommend picking one up!

As Little Miss Yorkshire, I had to do some sort of Yorkshire related post today. So here it is! Celebrating everyone in God's own country...

20 Signs You're A True Yorkshire Lad/Lass

(Let's see just how Yorkshire you really are!)

1) Why say 'the' when you can say 't'.

'The' and 'to' just don't really exist in your dictionary. 'I'm of t'shops' flows so much better. You may be a little bias but you're a firm believer that every song can be improved with a Yorkshire accent. Just imagine... 'Can you hear t'drums Fernando', 'Back in t'summer of 69', 'I'm comin out. I want t'world t'know'. The possibilities are endless!

2) The letter 'H' is always silent.

Anything that starts with a 'h' you can forget it! In Yorkshire we're not hard, we're 'ard!

3) Lunch can be dinner and dinner can be tea but the only tea you'll ever drink is 'Yorkshire Tea'.

As mentioned in my previous Yorkshire related post, you've probably fallen victim to several debates about breadcakes, scones and gennels/ginnels. However, the one that causes the most confusion is the lunch, dinner, tea debate. Who knows what the real answer is? The only thing you know for certain is that there's no greater beverage than a piping hot Yorkshire tea. (Also known as Yorkshire holy water.)

4) The phrase 'tin tin tin' actually means something to you.

You say this to anyone outside of Yorkshire and they'll probably look at you funny but everyone in God's own country knows exactly what this means (not that we ever actually say it.)

5) You mention Yorkshire at every available opportunity.

You're friends/colleagues are probably sick of hearing about it but you just can't stop yourself, it's practically a personality trait. 'In Yorkshire we do this', 'In Yorkshire we say it like that', 'Did you know I'm from Yorkshire??'

6) As a child, 'mardy bum' was your greatest insult. It's been a part of your vocab long before the Arctic Monkeys.

This was your go to if you ever needed a good roast or comeback to mutter under your breath when someone pissed you off. You were easily the sassiest kid in the class if you used this insult on anyone.

7) You live by the motto 'be reyt!'

Forget having 'live, laugh, love' printed on your kitchen wall, the phrase you live by is 'be reyt!' There's no better inspirational quote to adhere to. Translated (for non Yorkshire folk) as 'it'll be alright' the phrase offers you reassurance even when things definitely won't be fine. (Glass half full, right?)

8) The concept of 'feeling the benefit' actually makes complete sense to you.

Everyone in Yorkshire knows you never wear a coat indoors if you want to feel the benefit of its warmth when you go outside. Even if it's absolutely baltic inside and someone suggests layering up with a coat/jacket, your answer is always 'nah I won't feel the benefit.' Some people may argue that scientifically this is a meaningless concept but you still live by it anyway.

9) You've participated in a 'Welly Wangin' match before.

Considered the Yorkshire version of the highland games, a welly wangin match separates the boys from the men. The clue is in the name. Wang (throw) that welly as far as you can. It should definitely become an Olympic sport and you're a pro!

10) You've booed as you've driven through Lancashire.

Don't lie, you've done it....we've all done it.

11) Being 'well chuffed' is an emotion.

Forget being happy, pleased or proud. The best way to describe those feelings is by being 'well chuffed'. You use it often and proudly. (Side note: This is not to be confused with chuff or chuffing which are mild expletives for rude words I cannot type.)

12) Your accent gets stronger around other Yorkshire folk and when you get drunk.

A common side effect when being around other Yorkshire folk and alcohol. Mix the two together and the southerners will have no chance in understanding a word you're saying.

13) You've been to Leeds Fest.

You've seen the festival in all its mucky glory: from the main stage, to the dance tent, to the dreaded portaloos. You've been caught up in mosh pits, had your clothes stolen and have been woken every morning to someone screaming 'nice one bruvvaa'. Nevertheless, it's been one of the best weekends of your life and you can't wait to do it all again next year.

14) You went on school trips to at least one of the following- Eureka, Flamingo Land, Lightwater Valley, Jorvik and The Deep.

Flamingo Land and Lightwater Valley were the best school trips you could go on. Eureka and The Deep were pretty cool but everyone was slightly terrified of Jorvik. It smelt funny and the viking mannequins were enough to give you nightmares.

15) You've chanted 'Yorkshire' and 'White Rose' before.

You go to any sporting event, gig or festival and you'll hear people chanting 'YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE.' There's no way you can't join in!

16) You felt an immense sense of pride watching 'Game of Thrones' because of all the Yorkshire actors and accents.

Although the accents in Game of Thrones don't make much sense, you're proud that a lot of them are Yorkshire ones. Better still, it stars one of Sheffield's most famous sons, Sean Bean (who doesn't love Sean Bean), amongst many other honourable mentions- Mark Addy, Lena Heady and Dean S. Jagger.

17) You've winced at the prices in the south.

'£5.60 for a pint? YOU MUST BE JOKING?'

18) You're in a bikini if it's anything above 14 degrees.

14 degrees is practically tropical up north. Sunshine is a rarity so you've got to make the most of it. Whack the swim suit out and get sunbathing.

19) You've celebrated Yorkshire Day.

If you've never celebrated before, today is the day! Head down to the pub with your pals and cheers to being from the best county in the UK.

20) You're a Yorkshire lad/lass and proud of it!

We'll always be proud of where we were born and bred.

Happy Yorkshire Day!

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