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BingeWorthy TV| The Best Series and Shows I've Been Watching on Netflix

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Need some more suggestions for your next Netflix binge? Look no further! Here is a list of the latest series and shows I’ve enjoyed watching over lockdown (minus Tiger King because everyone's seen that.)

Photo: Netflix


If you’re looking for a wholesome and uplifting drama full of glamour and scandal, then this show is definitely one to watch. The Netflix original miniseries follows the troubles and triumphs of aspiring actors and filmmakers during their rise to fame in the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood. For some of the characters, the journey to stardom is a lot more difficult than the journeys of their privileged, straight, white, male peers. Factors, such as their race, their gender and their sexuality, cause the group to be branded as ‘outsiders’. 'Hollywood' gives us a small glimpse at what happened behind the closed curtains of classic Hollywood cinema. Battling discrimination, prejudice, racism and sexual harassment, watching these complex characters stand up to their oppressors and make their dreams a reality is inspiring and a joy to watch.

Photo: Netflix

Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 12-

If you’ve never seen Rupaul’s Drag Race then, first of all, where the heck have you been? Secondly, you need to go catch up on all 12 seasons right now. Yep, I’m a loyal fan and have enjoyed watching the queens of every season go down in HERSTORY. What’s not to love about a bunch of fierce drag queens fighting it out to be ‘America’s next drag superstar?’ What made this season stand out from the rest was the live grand final- which, due to Covid-19, couldn’t take place in its usual format. However, not even a global pandemic could stop drag race fans from coming together to celebrate and crown one of the hardworking season 12 queens. Werk!

Photo: Netflix

Blood & Water-

Now this series, which is based on a true story, is the definition of bingeworthy. I hate to admit it, but I watched it all in less than a day. The plot follows Puleng, a high school girl searching for her long-lost elder sister, Phumelele. It is believed that Phumelele was kidnapped at birth and sold to human traffickers. Tensions rise when Puleng starts at a new school and one of her classmates strangely looks like her- oooooh. Not only do I love this show for its gripping drama but it also has a beautiful cast of young new-found South African talent. Without any spoilers, the series finale 100% leaves it open for a season 2 which is very exciting!

Photo: Netflix


This miniseries had me in tears. I'll admit I'm a crier when it comes to TV and film but I found 'Unorthodox' especially moving. The storyline centres around Esty, a Hasidic Jewish woman, who escapes her arranged marriage and flees to Berlin to start a new life. Throughout each episode you continually root for Esty, watching in awe as she discovers the world she's been shielded from and turns her back on everything she's ever known. The series is a truly empowering adaptation of Deborah Feldman's autobiography 'Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots' and Shira Haas' portrayal is just incredible. A lot of her dialogue is in Yiddish, so make sure you're paying attention. My only complaint is that there's only 4 episodes but, again, we are left with the possibility of a season 2.

Photo: Netflix

Outer Banks-

Since summer 2020 is basically cancelled, I started watching Outer Banks to live out my summer fantasy, through the means of television. Best described as a coming of age story, we follow a good-looking group of teens (the Pogues) as they set out to discover what happened to ringleader John B's missing father and the treasure that is attached to this. In ways, it reminds me of 'The Goonies' but with Hollister models instead of children. I haven't finished the season yet (no spoilers please) but so far it's not the cheesy romantic summer flick I first expected. In fact, it's much darker. With a season 2 already announced, I feel there a plenty more exciting twists to come.

Photo: Netflix

The Snowpiercer-

This is my latest Netflix find and already I am HOOKED. Unfortunately, this isn't a show you can binge watch as each episode is released weekly. Although, there are 3 episodes available to stream right now and they're so worth the wait. The thrilling dystopian drama (based on the 2013 film) follows the last humans on Earth, 7 years after the planet became a frozen wasteland. The survivors live onboard the 'Snowpiercer', a 1,001 car long train that circles the world. These cars are divided into class systems- 1st class for the rich elites living in luxury and at the back live the 'tailies' who survive in squalor. Mistreated, malnourished and exploited, the tailies decided to revolt. I absolutely love this concept and the series doesn't disappoint. Some scenes are quite graphic and hard hitting but I think that is necessary to accurately depict the struggles of those at the bottom of the social ladder.

Fancy giving any of those a try? They're definitely worth it! Let me know what you've been watching.

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